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பழநி ஆண்டவர்
Pazhani Andavar

ஆலயத்தைப் பற்றி
About the temple

  (article courtesy of Mr. Suresh)

Most prominent among the six padai veedu temples (the Third among the Six), Pazhani (or Palani) is the most sacred Muruga temple and one of the most famous temples in India. Millions of devotees come here with kavadi in their hands, seeking the blessings of Muruga.

The story of the ‘Fruit of Knowledge’

Long ago, Shiva and His divine consort Parvati were living in the Kailas (Himalayas). Their children Ganapati and Subrahmanya were mere kids then. One day, the celestial sage Narada came to visit them. He presented Shiva a mango. The divine parents, like their human counterparts, were eager to give the fruit to their children; but here was a catch: there was only one fruit and two children. The fruit was no ordinary fruit: It was the very fruit of knowledge (Jnana Pazham), which could not be cut and should be given wholly. Who should be given the fruit? - Ganapati or Subrahmanya? The parents were puzzled. They thought over the matter and devised a way to settle the issue: They told the children: “Whoever of you circumnavigates the world and returns first will get the fruit.”

Hearing this, Subrahmanya immediately mounted on his vehicle (vahana) peacock and set out around the world. The elder of the two Ganesh was too heavy for such a feat. So he thought for a moment. He remembered that his own parents represented the entire universe and circling round them would be equal to going round the world. Without losing time, the young god did it. Shiva was pleased with the child’s devotion to his parents and gave the fruit to Ganesh.

Muruga - The Fruit of Knowledge

When the illustrious Subrahmanya returned after his strenuous voyage around the world, he found that the coveted fruit had already been given to his brother. The boy declared it was outright injustice and was very angry. He determined that he will not stay at Kailas, bade good bye to all and started Southwards. When he reached Pazhani, he liked the place very much and decided to settle there. Shiva soon followed His beloved son to Pazhani and persuaded him to change his decision and return to Kailas. He said: “What is that fruit to you when you are yourself the very Fruit of Knowledge?”. Yes, his words “Pazham Nee” (You are the fruit (of Knowledge)) gave the holy place its name. The place itself came to be known as “Pazham nee” or “Pazhani”.

It seems Subrahmanya was so infuriated of the incident that He gave up all His glories and assumed the form of a recluse (Aandi), So we meet this recluse in Pazhani temple, though we find Him in all His glories in other temples. Since He has the divine staff (dand) or Vel in His hand, He is called Dandayudhapani.

Muruga settles at Pazhani

Subrahmanya was in no mood to return to Kailas. We do not know how long He stayed there. However, the divine incident proved a blessing for the millions of Tamil and nearby Keralite devotees.

With all affection, they welcomed Him among them and permanently placed Him in their hearts. The charming young boy stole their hearts: They named Him with the sweet name Murukan. It was the beginning of a romantic and divine relationship: The young God and His loving devotees. To them, He was everything: Beauty, Youth, valour, kindness, poetry… all that is desirable. In turn, He returned their love with His infinite blessings. It was as if the Heaven itself came down on Earth. The rare flower Kurinji blossomed in the nearby Kodaikkanal mountains; Peacocks danced in joy at Pazhamuthircholai; The sea at Tiruchendur sang His glories when her waves dashed against the shores; the very air of Swamimalai echoed the holy mantra “Aum”. To the millions of devotees who thronged at Pazhani, Muruga was really the Fruit of Knowledge which satisfied their hunger of Bhakti.

They made temples for Him in thousands. Most temples for Him were constructed on hilltops. There is a popular phrase in Tamil: “Kunru thorum Kumaran”. Sage Nakkeerar sang His glories; Arunagirinathar sang His praises.

Pazhani - is one of the six padai veedu shrines of Murugan. Pazhani (Palani) is about 3 hours drive from Coimbatore / Madurai / Tiruchy. The rail between Coimbatore and Dindigul passes through Pazhani and it has a railway station. The hill is about 450 m high. The main shrine was constructed by Cheraman Perumal of Kerala. The idol of Muruga was installed by Sri Bhoga Siddhar, who lived about 3000 BC. The Siddhar made the idol with nine poisonous minerals or Navapaashaanam. The Moorthy at the temple Tiru Aavinankudy at the foot of the hill is known as that of “Kuzhandhai Velayudhar” (The child Muruga) seated on a peacock.

இவ்வாலயத்தின் திருப்புகழ் பாடல்(கள்)

Thiruppugazh Song(s) for this Temple

 agalvinai Red 0104 - அகல்வினை 
 aNipattu aNugi Red 0105 - அணிபட்டு அணுகி 
 adhala vidhala Green 0106 - அதல விதல 
with mp3 audio  abagAra nindhai Green 0107 - அபகார நிந்தை  with mp3 audio
 arisana vAdai Red 0108 - அரிசன வாடை 
with mp3 audio  aruththi vAzhvodu Green 0109 - அருத்தி வாழ்வொடு  with mp3 audio
 aRamilA nilai Red 0111 - அறமிலா நிலை 
with mp3 audio  avanidhanilE Red 0110 - அவனிதனிலே  with mp3 audio
 AthaLigaL puri Red 0112 - ஆதாளிகள் புரி 
with mp3 audio  ARumugam ARumugam Green 0114 - ஆறுமுகம் ஆறுமுகம்  with mp3 audio
 AlakAlam ena Red 0113 - ஆலகாலம் என 
with mp3 audio  ith thAraNikkuL Red 0115 - இத் தாரணிக்குள்  with mp3 audio
 iravi ena Blue 0116 - இரவி என 
 iru seppena Red 0118 - இரு செப்பென 
 irukanaga mAmEru Red 0117 - இருகனக மாமேரு 
 ilagiya kaLaba Red 0119 - இலகிய களப 
 ilagukani minju Blue 0120 - இலகுகனி மிஞ்சு 
 uyirk kUdu Red 0121 - உயிர்க் கூடு 
with mp3 audio  ulagapasu pAsa Green 0122 - உலகபசு பாச  with mp3 audio
with mp3 audio  orupozhudhum irusaraNa Green 0123 - ஒருபொழுதும் இருசரண  with mp3 audio
with mp3 audio  oruvarai oruvar Green 0124 - ஒருவரை ஒருவர்  with mp3 audio
 Odi Odi Red 0125 - ஓடி ஓடி 
with mp3 audio  kadalai poriyavarai Green 0127 - கடலை பொரியவரை  with mp3 audio
 kadalaich chiRai Red 0126 - கடலைச் சிறை 
with mp3 audio  gadhiyai vilakku Red 0128 - கதியை விலக்கு  with mp3 audio
 kanaga kumbam Red 0141 - கனக கும்பம் 
 kanaththiRugi Red 0142 - கனத்திறுகி 
 ganamAi ezhundhu Red 0143 - கனமாய் எழுந்து 
with mp3 audio  kariya periya Green 0129 - கரிய பெரிய  with mp3 audio
 kariya mEgamathO Red 0130 - கரிய மேகமதோ 
 kariyiNai kOdena Red 0131 - கரியிணை கோடென 
 karugi agandRu Red 0132 - கருகி அகன்று 
with mp3 audio  karuppuvilil Red 0133 - கருப்புவிலில்  with mp3 audio
with mp3 audio  karuvin uruvAgi Red 0134 - கருவின் உருவாகி  with mp3 audio
 kaRuththa kuzhalaNi Red 0140 - கறுத்த குழலணி 
 kalaga vALvizhi Red 0135 - கலக வாள்விழி 
 kalagak kayalvizhi Red 0136 - கலகக் கயல்விழி 
 kalaviyi lichchi Red 0137 - கலவியி லிச்சி 
 kalai kodu Green 0138 - கலை கொடு 
 kaLaba mulaiyai Red 0139 - களப முலையை 
 kAr aNindha Red 0144 - கார் அணிந்த 
 kundRung kundRum Red 0150 - குன்றுங் குன்றும் 
with mp3 audio  kurambai malasalam Green 0145 - குரம்பை மலசலம்  with mp3 audio
with mp3 audio  kurudhi malasalam Red 0146 - குருதி மலசலம்  with mp3 audio
 kuRiththamaNi Red 0149 - குறித்தமணி 
 kuzhal adavi Red 0147 - குழல் அடவி 
 kuzhalgaL sariya Red 0148 - குழல்கள் சரிய 
 kondhuth tharu Red 0151 - கொந்துத் தரு 
 kOla kungkuma Red 0152 - கோல குங்கும 
 kOla madhivadhanam Red 0153 - கோல மதிவதனம் 
 sagadaththiR kuzhai Red 0154 - சகடத்திற் குழை 
 sindhura kUrama Red 0155 - சிந்துர கூரம 
 siRu paRaiyum Green 0157 - சிறு பறையும் 
with mp3 audio  sivanAr manangkuLira Green 0156 - சிவனார் மனங்குளிர  with mp3 audio
with mp3 audio  see udhiram engkum Red 0158 - சீ உதிரம் எங்கும்  with mp3 audio
with mp3 audio  seeRal asadan Green 0159 - சீறல் அசடன்  with mp3 audio
with mp3 audio  surudhi mudi mOnam Green 0160 - சுருதி முடி மோனம்  with mp3 audio
 suruLaLaga bara Red 0161 - சுருளளக பார 
with mp3 audio  gnAnangkoL Green 0162 - ஞானங்கொள்  with mp3 audio
with mp3 audio  thagara naRumalar Red 0163 - தகர நறுமலர்  with mp3 audio
 thagaimaith thaniyil Blue 0164 - தகைமைத் தனியில் 
with mp3 audio  thamarum amarum Green 0165 - தமரும் அமரும்  with mp3 audio
with mp3 audio  thalaivali maruththeedu Green 0166 - தலைவலி மருத்தீடு  with mp3 audio
with mp3 audio  thidamili saRtguNamili Green 0167 - திடமிலி சற்குணமிலி  with mp3 audio
with mp3 audio  thimira udhadhi Green 0168 - திமிர உததி  with mp3 audio
 thOgaimayilE kamala Red 0169 - தோகைமயிலே கமல 
with mp3 audio  nAdha vindhu Green 0170 - நாத விந்து  with mp3 audio
 nigamam enil Red 0171 - நிகமம் எனில் 
 netRiveyarth thuLi Red 0172 - நெற்றி வெயர்த்துளி 
with mp3 audio  pagardhaRka aridhAna Red 0173 - பகர்தற்கு அரிதான  with mp3 audio
with mp3 audio  panja pAdhagan Red 0174 - பஞ்ச பாதகன்  with mp3 audio
with mp3 audio  pAriyAna kodai Green 0175 - பாரியான கொடை  with mp3 audio
with mp3 audio  pudavikku aNi Green 0176 - புடவிக்கு அணி  with mp3 audio
 pudaisep pena Red 0177 - புடைசெப் பென 
 periyadhOr kari Red 0178 - பெரியதோர் கரி 
with mp3 audio  bOdhagam tharu Green 0179 - போதகம் தரு  with mp3 audio
 mandharamadhenavE Red 0180 - மந்தரமதெனவே 
with mp3 audio  manakkavalai Edhum Green 0182 - மனக்கவலை ஏதும்  with mp3 audio
 marumalarinan Red 0181 - மருமலரினன் 
 malaraNi koNdai Red 0183 - மலரணி கொண்டை 
 mugilaLagaththil Red 0184 - முகிலளகத்தில் 
 mugai muLari Red 0185 - முகை முளரி 
 mudhiravuzhaiyai Red 0186 - முதிரவுழையை 
 muththukku Red 0187 - முத்துக்கு 
 murugu seRikuzhal mugil Red 0191 - முருகு செறிகுழல் முகில் 
 muruguseRi kuzhalavizha Red 0190 - முருகுசெறி குழலவிழ 
with mp3 audio  mUla mandhiram Red 0189 - மூல மந்திரம்  with mp3 audio
with mp3 audio  mUlam kiLar Or Green 0188 - மூலம் கிளர் ஓர்  with mp3 audio
with mp3 audio  vasanamiga Etri Green 0192 - வசனமிக ஏற்றி  with mp3 audio
 vanjanai minji Red 0193 - வஞ்சனை மிஞ்சி 
 vanidhai udal Red 0195 - வனிதை உடல் 
with mp3 audio  varadhA maNi nee Green 0194 - வரதா மணி நீ  with mp3 audio
with mp3 audio  vAdham piththam Green 0196 - வாதம் பித்தம்  with mp3 audio
 vAraNan thanai Red 0197 - வாரணந் தனை 
 vidham isaindhu Red 0198 - விதம் இசைந்து 
 virai maruvu Red 0199 - விரை மருவு 
with mp3 audio  vEy isaindhu Red 0200 - வேய் இசைந்து  with mp3 audio
ஆலயத்தின் சிறப்பு விழாக்கள்

special occasions at temple

ஆலய நேரங்கள்

temple timings

6:00 AM - 8:00 PM
usually closed during the afternoons

சிறப்பு நாட்களில் ஆலய நேரங்கள்:
Timing on Special Days:

4:00 AM -
- 8:00 PM

ஆலயத்தின் முகவரி

Address of temple

Joint Commissioner/Executive Officer
Arulmigu Dhandayuthapani Swamy Thirukoil,
Tamil Nadu,
Postcode: 624 601
Telephone: +91-4545 242236
Telephone: +91-4545 242467

Official Temple Website:  http:// 

ஆலயம் இருக்கும் இடம்   (கூகள் மேப்ஸ்க்கு நன்றி)
temple location   (courtesy of Google Maps)
10.438829, 77.520031

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