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புலவர் பெருமான் நக்கீரர்

by Poet Nakkeerar

Kaumara Chellam
திருமுருகாற்றுப்படை - 6 - பழமுதிர்சோலை
ThirumurugAtruppadai - 6 - PazhamuthirchOlai
thirumurugatruppadai1 Thirupparangkundram 2 ThiruchcheeralaivAi (ThiruchchendhUr)
3 ThiruAvinankudi (Pazhani) 4 Thiru Eragam (SwAmimalai)
5 KundruthOrAdal 6 PazhamuthirchOlai
nErisai veNpAs

 முகப்பு   அட்டவணை   முன்னுரை   நன்றி   தேடல்   முழுப்பாடல் 
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தமிழிலும் ஆங்கிலத்திலும் பொருள் எழுதியது
பேராசிரியர் சிங்காரவேலு சச்சிதானந்தம் (மலேசியா)

Meanings in Tamil and English by Dr. Singaravelu Sachithanantham (Malaysia)

Dr. Singaravelu Sachithanantham  

Part 6 - PazhamuthirchOlai

 " siRu-thinai malarodu virai-i maRi-aRuththu - - - - - - - - - 218
 vAraNak-kodiyodu vayiRpada niRee-i
 Ur-Ur koNda seergezhu vizhavinum - - - - - - - - - 220
 Arvalar Eththa mEvaru nilaiyinum
 vElan thai-iya veRi-ayar kaLanum
 kAdum kAvum kavinpeRu thuruththiyum
 yARum kuLanum vERupal vaippum
 sadhukkamum sandhiyum pudhuppUng kadambum
 mandramum podhiyilum kandhudai nilaiyinum ... " - - - - - - - - - 226

"The festival in honour of Lord Murugan is celebrated in every village of the hill-region by the offering of tiny millet-grain of the hills, mingled with flowers, as well as the flesh of ram; and the festival begins with the installation of the post flying the flag of rooster. Lord Murugan is always graciously present in the hearts of devotees whenever they think of the Lord. Lord Murugan is graciously present at the venue, where VElan performs the ecstatic-dance, as well as in the forest, groves, the pretty islets-in-between-the-rivers-and-pools and other sacred places, at the sadhukkam ['square-junction' of four streets], at the muchchandhi ['triangular-junction' of three streets], at the foot of the 'blooming-anew'-kadambu-trees, at the manRam ['village-common' under a shady tree], at the podhiyil ['place or hall of public-assembly'] and at the sacred sanctuaries, where the kandhu, ['pillar of divine support' symbolizing the Lord] has been installed ..."

- - - - - - - - -

 " mAN-thalaik kodiyodu maNNi amaivara - - - - - - - - - 227
 neyyOdu aiyavi appi aidhu-uraiththu
 kudandhampattu kozhu malar sidhaRi
 muraN-koL uruvin iraNdu-udan udee-i - - - - - - - - - 230
 sennUl yAththu veNpoRi sidhaRi
 madhavali nilai-iya mAththAL kozhuvidaik
 kurudhiyodu virai-iya thUveL arisi
 sil-palich cheydhu palpirappu iree-i
 siRupasu manjaLodu naRuvirai theLiththu - - - - - - - - - 235
 perundhaN kaNaveera naRundhaN mAlai
 thuNai-aRa aRuththuth thUngka nAtri
 naLimalaich silambil nalnagar vAzhththi
 naRumpugai eduththu kuRinji pAdi
 imizh-isai aruviyodu in-iyam kaRanga - - - - - - - - - 240
 uruvap palpUth thU-uy veruvarak
 kurudhich chendhinaip parappi kuRamagaL
 murugu-iyam niRuththu muraNinar utka
 murugu-Atruppaduththa urugezhu viyalnagar ... " - - - - - - - - - 244

"[Worship of Lord Murugan at the sanctuary on the hill] begins with the raising the flag of rooster. The kuravar-maiden smears the mixture of ghee and tiny mustard-seeds at the entrance to the sanctuary. She softly mentions the Lord's sacred name and pays homage by reverently joining the palms of her two hands. She sprinkles the propitious and fertilizing flowers. She is clad in twin apparel of different colours, worn one upon the other. She is wearing on her wrist the protective string of red colour. She strews white pori [parched rice] on the ground. She lays down in several spots the delicious dishes of pirapparisi [பிரப்பரிசி] consisting of pure white rice, mixed with the blood of powerful ram, as a sacrificial offering. She sprinkles small pieces of young turmeric and other fragrant things in several places. Around the precincts of the sanctuary she has hung up the wreaths of red-araLi-flower, which she had sliced into uniform little pieces. People of the good villages on the thick hillsides are singing the praise of the Lord. They take hold of the incense-smoke and wave it around; they are singing the melody of the KuRinji-region. They are playing the musical instruments sweetly in harmony with the sound of the waterfall of the hills. They sprinkle a variety of pretty flowers. They have laid down millet-rice, mixed with blood as a sacrificial offering, which excites certain amount of fear among spectators. The kuRavar-maiden plays the percussion drums of thudi, thoNdagam and siRupaRai, which are adored by the Lord. The atmosphere here is one which excites awe and fear even among people of diverse disposition. This is the Lord's sanctuary in the pretty and broad township, to which the devotee is being guided ..."

- - - - - - - - -

 " AdukaLam silambap pAdi palavudan - - - - - - - - - 245
 kOdu vAivaiththu kodumaNi iyakki
 OdAp pUtkaip piNimugam vAzhththi
 vENdunar vENdiyAngku eydhinar vazhipada
 ANdu-ANdu uRaidhalum aRindha vARE ... " - - - - - - - - - 249

"Those, who sing of Lord Murugan's renown of at the venue of ecstatic dance, blow the horn and ring the bell, and praise the unfailing valour of the elephant/peacock, may worship the Lord for attaining whatever they desire, and the Lord will certainly be there in the sanctuaries ..."

- - - - - - - - -

 " ANdu ANdu Ayinum-Aga kAN-thaga - - - - - - - - - 250
 mundhu-nee kaNduzhi mugan-amarndhu Eththi
 kaithozhU-up paravi kAluRa vaNangki
 nedumperunj chimaiyaththu neelappainj-chunai
 aivaruL oruvan angkai ERpa
 aRuvar bayandha ARu-amar selva - - - - - - - - - 255
 Algezhu-kadavuL pudhalva mAlvarai
 malaimagaL maganE mAtrOr kUtrE
 vetri vel-pOrk kotravai siRuva
 izhaiyaNi siRappin pazhaiyOL kuzhavi
 vAnOr vaNangku vil thAnaith-thalaiva - - - - - - - - - 260
 mAlai mArba nUl-aRi pulava
 seruvil oruva poruviRal maLLa
 andhaNar veRukkai aRindhOr solmalai
 mangkaiyar kaNava maindhar ERE
 vElgezhu thadakkaich chAlperunj chelva - - - - - - - - - 265
 kundram kondra kundrAk kotraththu
 viNporu neduvaraik kuRinjik-kizhava
 palarpugazh nanmozhip pulavar ERE
 arumpeRal marabin perumpeyar muruga
 nasaiyu-narkku Arththum isaipEr ALa - - - - - - - - - 270
 alandhOrkku aLikkum polampUN sE-ey
 maNdu-amar kadandha-nin vendru-Adu agalaththu
 parisilarth thAngkum urugezhu neduvE-eL
 periyOr Eththum perumpeyar iya-vuL
 sUr marungu aRuththa moimbin madhavali - - - - - - - - - 275
 pOrmigu poruna kurisil enappala
 yAn-aRi aLavaiyin Eththi AnAdhu ... " - - - - - - - - - 277

"Wherever you [as the devotee of Lord Murugan] have the sacred vision of the Lord, you must at once worship the Lord with smiling face by praising the Lord and by praying with joined-palms of hands and by prostrating yourself at the sacred feet of the Lord. You may praise the Lord by addressing the Lord thus:

' O' Lord, You are Lord Arumugam [Six Sacred Faces], for whom the six maidens of the KArthigai-asterism assumed the role of foster-mothers after Agni [Fire, one of the five elements of nature], carried the six sacred sparks of the fiery-eye of Lord SivaperumAn to the SaravaNa-pool of the HimAlaya-mountain!

'You are the divine son of Lord SivaperumAn, who, as ThatchinAmUrththi expounds the Real Truths while being seated under the banyan tree!

'You are the divine son of Goddess PArvathi, daughter of the king of the HimAlaya-mountain!

'You are like the death-wielding yaman to the enemies!

'You are the divine child of Goddess Kotravai, who is victorious in all battles!

'You are the divine child of the primordial Goddess of Forest [பழையோள்/காடுகிழாள்], who is adorned with several ornaments!

'You are the Commander of the Army, which fought against the demons who were harassing the celestials and annihilated them, therefore You are being worshipped by all the celestials!

'Your chest is adorned with the garland [of kadambu-blossoms]!

'You are the most learned master of all treatises of knowledge!

'You are the unique hero in battle-field!

'You are the victorious hero in battles!

'You are the source of wealth to the righteous andhaNar!

'You are being adorned with garlands of words of praise by those who know You!

'You are the divine consort of TheivayAnai-ammai and VaLLi-ammai !

'You are the Chief of all youths!

'You are holding the lance in Your broad hand!

'You have the greatness of attaining victory by annihilating the krauncha-hill [of demons]!

'You are the King of the realm of KuRinji-mountain which reaches up to the sky!

'You are the Chief of all the praise-worthy-and-learned-poets in all the languages of the world!

'You have the revered name of MURUGAN, because You are eternally Beautiful and Youthful!

'You will always graciously grant all that is requested by Your beloved devotees!

'You are well-renowned because of Your most gracious liberality!

'You are adorned with gold ornaments, which you graciously 'bestow as gifts to the poor, and You are of red complexion!

'You have the powerful chest that annihilated numerous demons in battle, and Your gracious chest upholds all those who seek Your gracious gifts!

'You are being praised by all righteous people!

'You have the most powerful strength [மதவலி] which annihilatedthe demon SUrapanman!

'You are the mightiest warrior of all in battle!

'You are the Supreme Leader [குரிசில்]!' ..."

- - - - - - - - -

 " nin-aLandhu aRidhal man-uyirkku arumaiyin - - - - - - - - - 278
 nin-adi uLLi vandhanen ninnodu
 puraiyu-nar illAp pulamaiyOi enak - - - - - - - - - 280
 kuRiththadhu mozhiyA aLavaiyin kuRiththu-udan
 vERupal uruvin kuRumbal kULiyar
 sARu-ayar kaLaththu veeRupeRath thOndri
 aLiyan thAnE mudhuvAi iravalan
 vandhOn peruma nin vaNpugazh nayandhu ena - - - - - - - - - 285
 iniyavum nallavum nanipala Eththi ..."

"[On reaching Lord Murugan's sanctuary the devotee makes known to the Lord the purpose of his arrival there]: ' O' Lord, it is very difficult for an ordinary human being like me to fathom and know Your greatness. I desired to attain Your sacred feet and I have come here to have Your sacred vision; O' Lord, You are the incomparable One having true knowledge.' The learned poet guiding the devotee remarks: 'Even before you make known your wish to the Lord, the Lord's humble servants of various forms will address the Lord on your behalf by saying, ' O' Lord, this devotee who speaks words of matured knowledge has come to Your sacred presence and he deserves Your gracious compassion, for he has come after having desired Your renown.' And thus they say the good and sweet words ..."

- - - - - - - - -

 " dheivam-sAndra thiRal-viLangku uruvin
 vAn-thOi nivappin thAnvandhu eydhi
 aNangkusAl uyarnilai thazhee-i paNdaiththan
 maNangkamazh dheivaththu iLanalam kAtti - - - - - - - - - 290
 anjal Ompumadhi aRival-nin varavu ena
 anbudai nalmozhi aLai-i viLivu-indru
 iruLniRa munneer vaLaiiya ulakaththu
 orunee Agith thOndra vizhumiya
 peRal arum parisil nalgumadhi palavudan ... " - - - - - - - - - 295

"Lord Murugan will then manifest the powerful gigantic divine form reaching up to the sky. [However, because the humble devotee shall not be frightened], the Lord will manifest the usual divine youthful and fragrant form and will assure the devotee by saying kind words: 'Do not be afraid. We shall protect you; we know of your arrival.' The Lord will also say many more kind words to the devotee and will graciously grant the most rare gift to enable the devotee to lead a unique life without perishing in this world, which is encircled by the dark waters of the sea ..."]

- - - - - - - - -

 " vERupal thugilin nudangki agil sumandhu - - - - - - - - - 296
 Ara muzhumudhal urutti vEral
 pUvudai alangku sinaipulamba vErkeeNdu
 viNporu neduvaraip paridhiyin thoduththa
 thaN-kamazh alar-iRAl sidhaiya nanpala - - - - - - - - - 300
 Asini mudhusuLai kalAva meemisai
 nAga naRumalar udhira yUgamodu
 mAmuga musukkalai panippap pUnudhal
 irumbidi kuLirppa veesip perungkaLitru
 muththudai vAn-kOdu thazhee-i thaththutru - - - - - - - - - 305
 nanpon maNiniRam kiLara pon-kozhiyA
 vAzhai muzhumudhal thumiyath thAzhai
 iLaneer vizhukkulai udhirath thAkki
 kaRikkodik karundhuNar sAyap poRippuRa
 madanadai manj-njai palavudan veree-i - - - - - - - - - 310
 kOzhi vayappedai iriya kEzhalodu
 irumpanai veLitrin punsAi anna
 kurU-umayir yAkkaik kudA-adi uLiyam
 perungkal vidar-aLaich cheRiyak karungkOttu
 AmA nal-ERu silaippach chEN-nindru - - - - - - - - - 315
 izhumena izhidharum aruvi
 pazhamudhir sOlai malai-kizha vOnE. " - - - - - - - - - 317

"The torrential waterfall, appearing merely as the fluttering of single and multifarious [flag-like-]strips of fine white cloth [when seen from a distance], is rushing from the top of the sky-high-hill, bringing down many things: the uprooted agil-and-sandal-wood-trees, branches of bamboo with flowers, large and fragrant honey-combs resembling the sun-disc and highly-ripened-pulp of jack-fruits of Asini-kind, and the fragrant flowers of punnai-tree in mutilated form; the black and male monkeys and female elephants with spots on the forehead are shivering in cold; [the other things which are brought down by the waterfall include] elephant's pearly-white-tusks, gold-dust, gem-stones, banana-tree-trunks, clusters of young coconuts, and plants of black-pepper. The spangled-peacocks of modest gait and the strong wild peahens are flying away in fear; wild boars and bears with curved feet and dark hairs, which resemble the soft-black-fibre-of-palmyra-palm, are seeking shelter in rocky caves; and the lonely black-horned-bull is roaring in fear while the waterfall is thundering down from the hill-top with roaring torrent at Pazhamudhir-chOlai ['Grove of Ripe Fruits'] which is the sacred abode of Lord Murugan, who is the King of the KuRinji-realm."

திருமுருகாற்றுப்படை - 6 - பழமுதிர்சோலை
ThirumurugAtruppadai - 6 - PazhamuthirchOlai
1 Thirupparangkundram 2 ThiruchcheeralaivAi (ThiruchchendhUr)
3 ThiruAvinankudi (Pazhani) 4 Thiru Eragam (SwAmimalai)
5 KundruthOrAdal 6 PazhamuthirchOlai
nErisai veNpAs

 முன்னுரை   நன்றி   முழுப்பாடல் 
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ThirumurugAtruppadai - 6 - PazhamuthirchOlai

Meanings in Tamil and English by Dr. Singaravelu Sachithanantham (Malaysia)

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