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T.M. Sounderarajan


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'kaRpanai endRAlum' sung by - 'Padmasree' TM Sounderarajan

kaRpanai endRAlum ... kaRchilai endRAlum

(kaRpanai endRAlum ... kaRchilai endRAlum
kandhanE unai maRavEn)

nee ...

(kaRpanai endRAlum ... )

aRpudhamAgiya arutperum sudarE (3)

aRumaRai thEdidum karuNaiyang kadalE

(kaRpanai endRAlum ... )

niRpadhum nadappadhum nin seyalAlE (2)

ninaippadhum nigazhvadhum nin seyalAlE (2)

kaRpadhellAm undhan kanimozhiyAlE (2)

kANpadhellAm undhan kaNvizhiyAlE (2)

(kaRpanai endRAlum ... )

kandhanE unai maRavEn ... (3).

brief meanings for  'kaRpanai endRAlum'

kaRpanai endRAlum ... kaRchilai endRAlum = Even if (You are) said to be an imagination, or a statue made of rock,

kandhanE unai maRavEn = Oh, Lord KandhA (MurugA)!, I will not forget You!

aRpudhamAgiya arutperum sudarE = (You are) a miraculous ray (flame) of overwhelming Grace!

aRumaRai thEdidum karuNaiyang kadalE = (You are) the ocean of kindness, which is being sought after by the Six sections of (our) religion.

niRpadhum nadappadhum nin seyalAlE = (Me) Standing or walking is due to Your action.

ninaippadhum nigazhvadhum nin seyalAlE = (My) Thinking and happening (of activities) are also by Your action.

kaRpadhellAm undhan kanimozhiyAlE = All (I am) learning is by Your ripened language.

kANpadhellAm undhan kaNvizhiyAlE = All (my) sights are through Your eyes.

'Padmasree' TM Sounderarajan (TMS) - 'kaRpanai endRAlum'

Lyrics:  Kavignar VAlee (T.S. Rangarajan)
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