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Guest Book

Actually I wanted the lyrics of kanda sashti kavacham and then something more about Lord Muruga. I hit google and was browsing and came across this site.

It's really great that someone has so much of dedication and sustenance for maintaining this site. Kudos to them.

Anuradha, Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA
Dec 28 2005

It is very resourceful website for devotees of Lord Muruga.

Yogan Thava, Mississauga, Ontario, CANADA
Dec 26 2005

My salutations to those who manage this great site.

For devotees of Skanda, this site is a great boon. May this site serve us, who are thirsty of knowledge about Skanda for a long time and for ever.

P.R. Ramachander, Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA
Dec 26 2005

In the present commercial world I salute people like you taking these extreme steps of fostering bakti and message of Saint Arunagirinathar.

S. Ramakumar, Chennai, Tamilnadu, INDIA
Dec 26 2005


Thanks and greetings for your excellent site. Pray for me also.

Wishing all devotees a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2006 AND PROSPEROUS PONGAL.

Ȣ ո áá!

Hema Swaminathan, Erode-Vellakovil, Tamilnadu, INDIA
Dec 24 2005

Searched for meaning of my name, found that my Lord Murugan's name is also Chellam, I am very happy.

Ž, ġ 츣ǡ? ո !

ġ ġ ո . áá!

Chellam Muniandi, Chennai, Tamilnadu, INDIA

Dec 23 2005

On the suggestion of my friend, I visited your site. I was taken into a new world of bliss and knowledge, the world of Thiruppugazh. Thiruppugazh is a vast ocean. The more deep one goes the more precious treasure one obtains. Treasure of knowledge (Gnanamrutham), treasure of music (Ganamrutham) and the treasure of devotion. Humanity, particularly, Tamil knowing devotees are indeed blessed enough to be endowed with such an easy path to approach Muruga, to know and realize Muruga and to reach Muruga.

It was indeed a wonderful experience going through different songs. Congratulations to the team who have created such a useful site for Muruga devotees. May your noble work continue. May you show the path of Thiruppugazh to devotees of Muruga. May the voice of Thiruppugazh reach all corners of the world. May the songs of Thiruppugazh reverbate all over. May Lord bless you all.

V.S. Krishnan, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, INDIA
Dec 19 2005

A very good site.

Shobadevendran, Seoul, KOREA
Dec 18 2005

I wanted to enjoy tamil bhakthi litrature on Lord Muruga for which this site is very good.

S. Ramakrishnan, Chennai, Tamilnadu, INDIA
Dec 16 2005

This web page is simply super. I as a Hindu, am very proud of your webpage. Well done. Keep it up and continue your devotional spritual works.


S. Raguvaran, Ampang, Selangor, MALAYSIA
Dec 16 2005

This site gives a peace...

This site is a virtual temple...

Karthik, Madurai, Tamilnadu, INDIA
Dec 12 2005

Found thru - Google search for LORD MURUGA.

Great site - just what we need to bring us closer to Lord Muruga.

Many thanks to ALL involved in making this website possible. Please keep it going! GOD Bless.

Krishna Neil Pillay, Durban, KZN, SOUTH AFRICA
Dec 10 2005

I hope kaumaram will help me learn.

Sankarisundaram, New Delhi, INDIA
Dec 10 2005

You are doing a service to many who wish to learn the deep meaning of this classical work of Sri Arunagirinathar. I bow before your selfless service.

G. Sivasubramanian, Calicut, Kerala, INDIA
Dec 10 2005

Respected sir,

I got the Skanda Sashsti Kavacham in Tamil and English (romanised) from your site. Can I get the translitration of the same in Sanskrit. The same is required for my friend who know sanskrit and not Tamil. Though he knew English, I thought it would be appropriate to read the Kavacham in sanskrit rather than in English. Please help me.

Thank you, Regards,

D. Ramanarayanan, Port Blair, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, INDIA
Dec 8 2005

  Webmaster's Note:


  We do not know (yet!) anyone who can do that! - i.e. translating from Tamil to Sanskrit.
  We will place this message in our guestbook, and if/when we receive a response - will follow up.
  We welcome contributions of translations/meanings of the slokas and Lord Murugan related texts.

  Thank you for your feedback.

Very very nice.

Vijaya Krishna, Starkville, Mississippi, USA
Dec 6 2005

Exellent work. Pray for me too.

Neil, Kollam, Kerala, INDIA
Dec 6 2005

I am very happy to learn more about Lord Murugan from kaumaram.com, and I hope that this excellent work will continue to upgrade for the next generation.

Nandri, Vanakam.

Veloo Veeren, Port Louis, MAURITIUS
Dec 6 2005

Wonderful site for Lord Muruga ..

I would like to know about Sashti Viratham, on how to pray & what to offer on that day. Pls help. Thanks,

Kiruthika, SINGAPORE
Dec 5 2005

  Webmaster's Note:

  We have an article (Tamil). Please view it at:


  Thank You.

Excellent site. Thanks to those who created and regularly updating the site.

Good for those who wants to know and wish to follow the "Almighty - Lord Murugan".

Saravanan, SINGAPORE
Dec 2 2005

I have visited all "6 padai veedugal" in India.

I want to know more about Thiruchendhur. Would you please translate the Thiruchendhur Suprabatham to English.

Dhevan, Klang, Selangor, MALAYSIA
Dec 2 2005

  Webmaster's Note:

  As your request we have added the Suprapatham (English). Please view it at:


  There may be some pronunciation changes required (eg th - dh).
  We request viewers to advise us of any errors. Thank you.

I was amazed to see that the Murugan Devotees contrywide and Worldwide setup with prayers and bajans etc. All those who honestly pray to this lord of 6 Padai veedu, has never been let down by Him.

I must congratulate all the members responsible to create and maintain this website. All The Best. Muruga Saranam. Arokara.

S. Krishna Mohan, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, INDIA
Dec 1 2005

á ġ 츢 ո .

ո, Ģ, , ¡

Nov 27 2005

OM SARAVANABHAVA... He is my world. Thanks a lot for this wonderful site. I feel like being with Him always when I enter this site, and I am always logged on this site. I'm a student and I will be happy if I get more and more and more and more and more information about my Murugan.


Nandhini, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, INDIA
Nov 27 2005

I am devotee of LORD MURUGA just accidently I searched for Sasti Kavacham I found this. This is very useful and very esteemed site. really I feel happy to search in this site. Please send me all the messages about Lord Muruga it will be very useful for me!



Hemalatha Swaminathan, Erode - Vellakovil, Tamilnadu, INDIA
Nov 27 2005

The site is very informative. I am able to learn alot abt Thiruppugazh through this web site.

Thanks a lot.

Rajeswari Sridharan, Chennai, Tamilnadu, INDIA
Nov 24 2005

Excellent site. Pl keep it up.

Muthulekshmy Subramanian, Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA
Nov 24 2005

Fantastic website. I gained valuable knowledge on Muruga.

Vijay Gramoney, Durban, KZN, SOUTH AFRICA
Nov 23 2005

This is an excellent site. Your endeavour in bringing out the Thirupugazh on the website in the MP3 format is great.

Thank you.

Aruna Sekar, Kochi, Kerala. INDIA
Nov 22 2005

Brief neat nice easily understandable nice looking.

Vijayan N., Madurai, Tamilnadu, INDIA
Nov 22 2005

Good job! Murugan is and will always be the only lord of the Tamils. Unfortunately many Tamils are incredulous of this!

May Lord Muruga bless you all!

In the Sg. Petani temple in MALAYSIA there are two albino (white) peacocks! Its really very beautiful!

Bharathi Perumal, Sungai Petani, Kedah, MALAYSIA
Nov 22 2005

Alot of information had been gained from this website. Really useful. Thanks for the organizer. It would be more beautiful if this website is attached with alot of Lord Murugan's urtchava moorthys with sarvalangkaaram. Looking forward to see the all Murugan idols with fully decorated as soon as possible.

Vetrivel Muruganukku arohara.

Lillesh Kumarm, Sungai Petani, Kedah, MALAYSIA
Nov 20 2005

ո측 ը¡ .

ը ̨ š ո š¡
š ¨ 񧼡 Ģ Ţ츢.


, 째, , ¡

Nov 20 2005

I was excited to stumble on to your web site and the diversity of songs and the facilities provided to download Tamil fonts and thus enabling the browser to read "Tamil in Tamil itself" is an exemplary service to Tamil language as a whole.

May Lord Muruga Bless all those who have been contributing to maintain this site so elaborate. Thanks.

Balasundaram K., Kampala, UGANDA, East Africa
Nov 19 2005

Just keep it up!!!!!

Emma Chelumbrum, Port Louis, MAURITIUS
Nov 18 2005


You are doing an excelent work. Evey day I am visiting your site. You have been giving the meaning of the Thiruppugazh, it is really wonderful. Even I looking forward to see the Puya vaguppukkal in this Murugan site. I use to take copy of the Thiruppugazh meaning and circulate with in our Thiruppugazh Anbargal group and enjoy. This is one of our varapprasadam to enjoy our Murugan's Thruvadi malargal. With love.

Venkatramanan, Noida, U.P. INDIA
Nov 14 2005

I am simply exhilarated to look at the new temple pages.

Congratulations to you all for setting up a phenomenal source of references, photoes, index etc all relating to the Murugan temples. Your tireless efforts are praise-worthy, and the Lord should give you more and more strength to carry on this lauadable mission.

mikka anbudan,

Gopala Sundaram, Chennai, Tamilnadu, INDIA
Nov 14 2005

The site is unique. Lot of information I am getting.

Pl continue the good service!

Vimala Rani, Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA
Nov 12 2005

Really very very Excellent. I'm always searching for website like this and now I got it. Thanks a lot.

"¡ §!"

š, !

R. Ganeshanandhan, Kandy, SRILANKA
Nov 12 2005

What a wonderful site for Lord Murugan bhaktas. It certainly inspires me to learn more about Lord Muruga. Keep up the good work!

Roy Pillay, Johannesburg, Gauteng, SOUTH AFRICA
Nov 11 2005

The site is good and lot of information is there about Lord Murugan.

Dharmalingam, Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA
Nov 10 2005

The website is excellent and has got rare and comprehensive collection of Lord Muruga's songs, slokas etc., and can be a one stop shop for anything about the Lord.


Ramya Sivaraman, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, INDIA
Nov 9 2005

Excellent site.

Dr. N. Karthikeyan, Chennai, Tamilnadu, INDIA
Nov 7 2005

It is Thiruchendur Senthilvelan's blessing to me today that I happen to know about your site in the web ... and that too on this precious and divine Sri Skanda Shasti Thirunal !!!! Who can be more fortunate than me to get such blessing from Azahgu Kadavul Thirukumaran !!!!

I read Sri Skanda Guru Kavacham today through your site. I pray to Vetrivel Murugan to shower HIS blessings to all who are promoting this excellent website.

Warm Regards.

G. Maheshwaran, Chennai, Tamilnadu, INDIA
Nov 7 2005

We can learn total knowledge about Lord Murugan. He is Karunamurthy, Gnanaskandan, great donor. Whatever we pray before him, definitely He will fulfill our wish.

Lord Murugan temples are located all over the world. This site would be very useful to know more about the lyrics on Murugan. Excellent preparation. Thanks to the organisers for this site.

H. Sankaran, Chennai-44, Tamilnadu, INDIA
Nov 6 2005

This is a good service. I am happy that I could find this site during the Skandha Sashti period. I hope I will be able to spread about this site to other relatives and friends.

Thanking you.

M. Narasimhan, Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA
Nov 6 2005

It's nice to hear Thiruppugazh in midst of all tension of the day, it's super!! Its great to listen.

Thank you.

Gobhiramana Sarma, Haute Garonne, FRANCE
Nov 5 2005

Please add more audio Skanda shasti kavacham, and all slokas about our lord.

Raveendran, DUBAI, UAE
Nov 4 2005

  Webmaster's Note:

  We will add them progressively.
  Contributions of audio-recordings from Devotees are most welcome. Thank you.

I am happy to note that a website is existing for spreading the glory of thiruppugazh.
May Lord Muruga bless you all for the wonderful effort.

CR Sreenivasan, Chennai, Tamilnadu, INDIA
Nov 4 2005

Nice job guys ... I really didn't expect this ... keep going ...

All the best.

Vijeyashok, Namakkal, Tamilnadu, INDIA
Nov 2 2005

Easy to read & understand. ...... Thks n Rgds.

Nathan, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, MALAYSIA
Nov 1 2005

May the Lord Shower His unending grace to the great minds which had take the noble task to enable the tiny souls like us tu chant the praise of the LORD ...... Tq

Selvaraja Chinniah, Shah Alam, Selangor, MALAYSIA
Nov 1 2005

Your site, be far and away, the best on Lord Muruga. It is remarkable how much time and effort that your team has put in to come up an excellent site like this.

May the Lord, the God of Karthirgama, bestow on all of you His choicest blessings and singular grace!

Om Saravana-bhavaya Namaha!

P. Selvakumar, SINGAPORE
Nov 1 2005

Very good work. Deserves appreciation.

M.V. Shyamala, Chennai, Tamilnadu, INDIA
Oct 30 2005

š š, š ̸.


This is a great full word in Murugan Devotees ...

Guruvudhasan, Madurai, Tamilnadu, INDIA
Oct 29 2005

Excellent, Superbly Done.

N. Satchithananthan, London, UK
Oct 25 2005

It is a very nice job, to do this service requires more hardwork, so those who participated in this devotional work should be thanked.

Thank you - Yoga.

M. Yoganarashimhan, Chennai, Tamilnadu, INDIA
Oct 25 2005

Subrhahmnyaaya namah.

Very good.

Sankaran Nambudiri, Kannur, Kerala, INDIA
Oct 15 2005

It is very fine. I was excited by the contents and depth of matters covered in this site.

S. Swaminathan, INDIA
Oct 12 2005

Nice web, need more info in inner spritual development thru Lord Muruga path.

Vasu, Penang, MALAYSIA
Oct 11 2005

May blessings of Lord Muruga be with us always!

Gaanty Pragas, Georgetown, Penang, MALAYSIA
Oct 10 2005

Very useful for me to know about Lord Murugan.

A. Rethinam, Trichy, Tamilnadu, INDIA
Oct 7 2005

Excellent site: It is like an ocean full of pearls.
May Lord bless u all for doing such a wonderful job.

Krish Santhanam, Rancho Cucamonga, CA, USA
Oct 7 2005


This website having everything related to Lord MURUGAN. All the information here are very usefull to whoever searching for the truth of the Lord SHANMUGAN.
May Lord MURUGAN bless your hard work.

Rajah, Kajang, Selangor, MALAYSIA
Oct 5 2005

Very happy to see the website.

J. Ravindran, Chennai, Tamilnadu, INDIA
Oct 5 2005

Very good and nice one.

S.V. Ramani, Delhi, INDIA
Oct 4 2005

It is very nice to view / hear such important songs from the net. Pls keep it up.

Balakrishnan V., Delhi, INDIA
Oct 3 2005

It is a great site doing service to devotees of Lord Murugan. I am greatly inspired by the excellent work.

V. Venkatesan, Vadodara, Gujarat, INDIA
Oct 1 2005

Very good to see the Lord Kumaran's devotees. Good efforts worth to appreciate it. I like to get the Arunagirinatur's songs in tamil. Please make me enable to get it.

Thanks. Om Namo Saravana bhava Om.

Raju, Delhi, INDIA
Sep 28 2005

Dear sir,

Actually I was wasting my time by simply chating, and seeing unwanted site. But fortunately I came across to view this web site. This is only because of my Lord Muruga's grace. I have lot of confidence in Muraga than me. Because I am a little devotee of Muruga. I know he will not leave me.

This site is really best of all. Keep it up.

My suggestion is, If you keep the records of the precious happening of the devotees by the God Muruga, in this kaliyuga, may encourage the people who is the devotee of Him and also encourage the people, who visit this website accidentaly, can get a opportunity to know about the greatness of our God.

Really superb sir.

R. Devi Anand Gokhale, Ramanathapuram, Rameswaram, Tamilnadu, INDIA
Sep 23 2005

It is fine.

Alexander Prabhu, Chennai, Tamilnadu, INDIA
Sep 19 2005

I think this is a fantastic website cause it tells you about Murugan and the information u need for school.

Visvaruban, Stratford, London, ENGLAND
Sep 17 2005

Site is excellent.

Vijay, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, INDIA
Sep 16 2005

Excellent net work.

G. Soundara Rajan, Chennai, Tamilnadu, INDIA
Sep 16 2005

It's great.

Hari, Chennai, Tamilnadu, INDIA
Sep 15 2005

This is a very good compilation for easy reference and recital.

Rajiradhakrishnan, Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA
Sep 14 2005

I was looking for Shri Subramania Bhujangam - audio files as I wanted to learn this Shloka. I prefer to listen, and see the words and then learn rather than see the printed words alone.

I am not able to find a single website that contains the audio file of the recitation or the musical rendition of Shri Subramania Bhujangam.

I pray Him, that this website to offer the audio file so that people who live far away from home will be able to learn.

ġ ո !

Regards, Bhanu.

Bhanu Balasubramanian, Oxford, Mississippi, USA
Sep 11 2005

I find it very useful.

Hari Iyer, Riyadh, SAUDI ARABIA
Sep 9 2005

A noble work.

Sivakumar, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, INDIA
Sep 9 2005

Kaumaram is the most important website to know Muruga's glories and to stimulte Bhakti.
May this great work of your's continue by Muruga's grace so that His devotees may go Him in this very birth.

Narraina Pillay, La Possession, LA REUNION
Sep 08 2005


Happy to see this site. May God Muruga Bless all.

Lakshmanapai Gopinathpai Vegattampally, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Sep 08 2005

Very very good and educative, informative. You are doing a very good deed by educating people like us.

Anand, Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA
Sep 06 2005

Excellent website. Vel Murugan ki ARO HARA.

Preyen Singh, Durban, Kwa-zulu natal, SOUTH AFRICA
Sep 05 2005

Very valuable and infomative site.

 ո Ȣ! Ȣ! Ȣ!

Pannirselvam s/o Ramachandran, MALAYSIA
Aug 25 2005

The compilation is great work. Tunes are simple. The website is a boon for learners.

Akhila Gopalratnam, Chennai, Tamilnadu, INDIA
Aug 22 2005

Hello Kaumaram.com,

I like and puja Lord Muruga usually. I like to see internet information to lord. I am so greatful to the three kavacham and mantra. I love you so much because I search for the puja because I want to do the puja to lord. I live in Thailand. I accept religion of India Lord Muruga. He is the big power. After that I listen to the cassette tape for long time is Kandasasti kavacham. I write in Thai language. So busy. After that, I understand much more is Tamil language have the important. Today I see the 3 kavacham. I am so greatful for the puja to Lord in Thailand.

Thank you so much. I hope to see everything for puja in the webside here.

People Thai Thank you.

Kandakumaran, Bangkok, THAILAND
Aug 19 2005

May His blessing enlighten every living life in this universe.

Selva Ganapathy, Sentul Pasar, KL, MALAYSIA
Aug 17 2005

It's very good and is found to be doing valuable service to Muruga's devotees.

Maruthamuthu Vellore, Tamilnadu, INDIA
Aug 16 2005

Excellent work ! I am sure anyone who come across this site would appreciate your fantastic work.

Let peace descend everywhere !Regards, Yogeswaran

K. Yogeswaran, TAIWAN
Aug 13 2005

Good site, keep up the good work in sharing the love of lord Muruga.

Suraya Naidoo, Turffontein, Gauteng / Johannesburg, Republic of SOUTH AFRICA
Aug 08 2005

Vel Vel Vettrivel!!!

Bhagyaraj Jaganathan, INDIA
Jul 30 2005

I have no words to thank you for this effort of bringing Thiruppugazh to the masses. I find this a very valuable site.

Thank you once again.

Raj Rajaraman, USA
Jul 30 2005

Excellent website ! Very good site for finding most slokas on Muruga.

Thank you for offering us such a wonderful website.

Chitra, USA
Jul 30 2005

It is very nice to watch. The pictures of Murugan are so beautiful. It gives some devotional feelings to me. I like to pray the god.

Indhira, CANADA
Jul 29 2005

š Ӽ!

M. S. º, оĢ, ¡

Jul 27 2005

I would consider this site as a gift from Lord Murugan Himself. Any devotee of Lord Murugan will feel blessed to see this site. The information and materials are massive and enlightening. I still cant believe, that I can get to know so much in Murugan Bhakthi through Internet.

My Eternal gratitude goes to the Organizers of this site.


Meyyappan S. Jeddah, SAUDI ARABIA
Jul 27 2005

This is very useful to us because after prolong fighting with computer to complete our task, we need to be refreshed by something different like seeing this site. I heartily thank those who created this site and I assure God.

Murugha will bless those people. Thanking You,

Sivakumar R., INDIA
Jul 25 2005

Arohara ..Arohara....Aroooohhhaaarraaaaa! Vetri Vel Mururganukku Arohara!

This website is really a boon to Murugan Adimaigal like me. I really pray to Murugan To bless you all who visits this Website. I am really searching for words to Appreciate the one who got the idea to create such a wonderful Murugan resource site.

Arohara .. Arohara .... Aroooohhhaaarraaaaa! Palani Malai Andavanukku Arohara ....!!!

Vee Kay Vijayakumar, INDIA
May 20 2005

A useful site for better knowledge of INDIA's finest Hindu tradition.

H. Ravi Shekar, MALAYSIA
May 24 2005

It is an execellant web site to all Lord Murugan devotees. I appreciate all your works.
May God Murugan bless you to continue this god job.

G. A. Arul kumar, USA
May 22 2005

Very good site and informative. Thank you for your site. I was looking for the wordings on Kanda Guru Kavasam and at last I find it at your site. Thank you very much. Please join me as a member.

Thank you. Sarva.

Sarvamudthy Sinnasamy, MALAYSIA
May 19 2005

A great service to the Hindu and Sri Subramanya Swami devotees. Keep it up and thanks.

Vasudevan, USA
May 17 2005

It is an excellent site and has very good information about Lord Muruga.

š Ӽ! š !

Shivkumar, USA
May 17 2005

I was searching for Kandhar shasti kavasam. I am very much delighted about this website. Extremely happy about the information provided.

Thanks for all.

Sivabalan, Chennai, INDIA
May 16 2005

I am really proud to be a Murugan devotee and to know there are many more just like me.

Thank you for a great website. May all your efforts grow from strength to strength. May all the Muruga devotees be blessed in whatever they do.

Warm wishes,

Maveshni Mudeliar, SOUTH AFRICA
May 06 2005

This is an excellent site for glorifying both Lord Murugan and Saint Arunagiri. The songs are very touching and provide some kind of inner strength, inspiration and bliss to me. The rendering of Thirupugal by A S Raghavan is very touching and captivating.

I have one request. I wish you could make an mp3 of Sri Subrahmanya Ashtottarasatanamavali with some accompaniments, at least Thambura etc., and offer it in the site it will be much more easy for people like me to recite.

Hope to see the Sri Subrahmanya Ashtottarasatanamavali mp3 soon in your site.

regards, Naren

Narendran Siddan, USA
May 04 2005

Sir, It was sheer luck that I found this site. This is a great tribute not just to devotees of Lord Muruga and Hinduism but to Tamil language as a whole.

š Ҹ!

Muralidaran, USA
Apr 29 2005

One of the best sites available that spreads Muruga Bhakti ..

C. Bala Saravana Kumar, USA
Apr 22 2005

I find it the most rewarding.

P. Param, England, UK
Apr 16 2005

I am so glad I have found a site dedicated for Murugan. Its so wholesome for Murugan devotees. I am so delighted to find Paripooraan Panchamirtha Vannam, meanings for the Thiruppugazh, Vel, Mayil Virtham etc.

V. Balakrishnan, SINGAPORE
Apr 12 2005

Your site looks great!

Apr 11 2005

Excellent translation in english, great work, may Lord Murugan bless you. Thanks,

Venkitachalam, USA
Apr 11 2005

Thank you very much for compiling and making available such valuable material, especially your thirupugal mp3 downloads and explanations - they are wonderful!

God Bless you for your efforts.

Anjalai Devi Nadarajan, MALAYSIA
Apr 05 2005

I am searching for the words to praise everyone involved in this holy task.

Nallusamy A., Gujarat, INDIA
Apr 3 2005

Thanks for the website.

I humbly bow before my new found Lord, Velmurugan. I recite the kandashashti kavacham everyday. I do not know to read or write tamil, I read the English version. I want more information about poojas done at home to Lord Murugan and appropriate shlokas.

Velum mayilum thunai,

Anantha Krishnan, Bangalore, INDIA
Mar 29 2005

Good site for Muruga devotees.

V. Ramasubramanian, Gujarat, INDIA
Mar 28 2005

The site is very good. Your efforts are very much appreciated.

Thanasekar K., Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Mar 27 2005

Respected sir,

This MURUGAN site is simply SUPERB. I have been learning Thiruppugazh since 1995 in one of Thiru Raghavan's Anbar group, and I must say I have become an addict to Thiruppugazh. And now I have become an addict to this site.

Muruga Sharanam!!

Lata, Bihar, INDIA
Mar 25 2005


Murugan bless everyone. I am new to this site. I must say a real web site to look up for spiritual thirst. Thanks alot and keep up the great work.

Mar 25 2005

It is a great page, I love this web site, this page give me peace of soul this is the first visiting, I get more information.

Thanks. Thanks alot.

Padma, Johor, MALAYSIA
Mar 24 2005

It's really great to see Thirupugal in Net.

.. Thanks ..

SeethRam, Seoul, KOREA
Mar 24 2005

Excellent site!

I was hunting for Skanda Sashti Kavasam in Tamil. And luckily I got in your site. Thanks a lot :) - Dilip

Dilip Kumar Narayanaswamy, USA
Mar 22 2005

Glory to the Tamil Lord. I am ever grateful to my new Lord. I have found ultimate peace in Murugan. Thanks for providing all the necessary information ... I know my Lord Murugan never let me down.

Anantha Krishnan B.K., Bangalore, INDIA
Mar 21 2005

Captivating site.

It is only given to the chosen few to host such a bhakti site. I am overwhelmed.

S. Ramakrishnan, Chennai, INDIA
Mar 20 2005

Very good work, keep it up.

V. Ramasubramanian, Gujarat, INDIA
Mar 18 2005

It is an interesting .com to Muruga devotees.

Ram, Chennai, INDIA
Mar 14 2005

Well done job. Very informative site and keep up the good work.

Ravindran, Perth, Western AUSTRALIA
Mar 10 2005

Hello, It is very nice.

Mar 10 2005

I am a devotee of Lord Muruga and a Thirupugal saba member (at Meenakshi Amman temple). I appreciate your devotional service.

S. Kaliappan, Madurai, INDIA
Mar 10 2005

Thanks for the lyrics.

Divakar, USA
Feb 21 2005

This site is simply marvellous. Everyone is blessed by this site.

Om Saravana Bhava. Nandri!

Vinodini, Chennai, Tamilnadu, INDIA
Feb 18 2005

Vetri Vel Muruga, this is a great site dedicated to Lord Muruga.

Vel Undu Bayaiam Illai. Ommmm Saravana Bava.

All the info and all temples are stated here. We have a great temple that is dedicated to Lord Muruga. That is the Batu Caves Murugan temple - this has the largest Thaipusam celebration in the world every year.

K.S. Mani, Petaling Jaya, MALAYSIA
Feb 07 2005

I come to know more and more of my Lord Murugan. Hard work. Please continue with the blessing of Lord Murugan. He will guide you always with great success.

Thank you for your wonderful service to Lord Murgan devotees.

Mithila Chockalingam, California, USA
Mar 6 2005

Very insightful & a real pleasure. It's such a pleasure to find a site dedicated to our LORD MURUGA. We are 2 days away from Kavady & the spirit of our Lord is definitely among us.

Here's hoping that your site goes from strength to strength & that Lord Muruga showers his blessings upon you & yours for having created this site.

Sathi Vel Muruga !!!

Krishna Neil, Durban, KZN, SOUTH AFRICA
Jan 23 2005

Good site.

Krishnan Moorthi, SINGAPORE
Jan 22 2005

It is such a pleasure that such marvelleous sites do exist. We will celebrate Thaipoosam cavadi on tuesday at Archway temple in London. In that period of fasting we are very keen to listen to religious songs.

Thanks a lot.

Pokraj Ramburn, UK
Jan 21 2005

It is an excellent place to visit for on Lord Murugan devotees.

Nagarajan, UK
Jan 21 2005

Tooooooooo good for non Tamil speaking ppl. I am impressed and have recommended few friends.

Keep on the good work.

Nalini Venugopal, Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
Jan 19 2005

Great job.

John O'Brien, California, USA
Jan 17 2005

Good site.

Seetha Lakshmi Sastry, INDIA
Jan 17 2005

This is a complete work on Lord Muruga, which will be very useful for His devotees.

Sasikala Sugavanam, Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA
Jan 17 2005

Kaumaram is very good for our Indian community.

Govindarasu, SINGAPORE
Jan 15 2005

Very nice web.

Harivishnu, INDIA
Jan 12 2005

I am a Murugan Adimai. I found this website very useful because I am learning Thirupuggazh. I wanted to know the meaning of selected songs of Sri Arunagiriyaar's Thirupuggazh. Please let me know if there is any site where I can access to Vel, Mayil, Virutham in Tamil with meaning and also other works of Sri Arunagiri.


¢ Ш.
Ȣ ո áá!

V. Balakrishnan, SINGAPORE
Jan 11 2005

  Webmaster's Note:

  As your request we have added the Suprapatham (English).

  Please view it at:


Very useful and devoted to Tamil Lord.

Ramakrishnan, Gujarat, INDIA
Jan 10 2005

Tamil font is useful to us to follow the song and learn it better.

Sasikala, Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA
Jan 09 2005

Vetrivel Muruganukku AROHARA. May god bless everyone.

Perumal, Sakthi Devi, SINGAPORE
Jan 06 2005

Excellent Work ! Keep It Up!!

Iyer Rajesh Sivaraman, Maharashtra, INDIA
Jan 05 2005

I am a Muruga bhakthan. This site is very useful.

Vairavel, KUWAIT
Jan 04 2005

A Great Work.

V. Chendil, Chennai, Tamilnadu, INDIA
Jan 04 2005

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