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கெளமாரம் என்றால் என்ன ?

What is Kaumaram?

Sri Kaumara Chellam      

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What is Kaumaram?

Around the 8th century AD, the great philosopher, Saint Sri SankarAchAyA, (Sri Aadi Shankarar), grouped the various forms of worship in Sanatana Dharma (better known as Hinduism), into six sects. (Shanmathas) They are:

      GanApathyam ... The devotion to Lord GaneshA.
      Saivam ... The devotion of Lord SivA.
      Vaishnavam ... The devotion to Lord Vishnu.
      Sauram ... The devotion to the Sun God, or Fire.
      ShAktham ... The devotion to Sri Shakti (AmbikA)
      KaumAram ... The devotion to Lord SkandA (Lord Murugan)

KAUMARAM embodies the realizations of the Brahman (Absolute) and the Individual's Soul, and is a tool for attaining Bliss. This devotion to Lord Murugan is based on the principles of Saivam. The 'Jothy' (Light) form of Divine-Absolute (GOD), is known as Subrahmanya-Sivam.

KAUMARAM is very popular among the people of South Indian origin. Lord Skanda (affectionately known as Murugan), is the presiding deity. The word 'Kaumar' (or Kumar) means youth and 'Murugu' means beauty. Lord Murugan (also known as 'Kumaran') is worshipped as the ever youthful, handsome God.

The aim of this website is to popularise the various texts, hymns, songs and other works on Lord Murugan and also to be a place where His Devotees can share their experiences.

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