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, á, ĺ¡

Taiping Thanneermalai Sri ThandAyuthapANi Temple,
Taiping (waterfall), Perak, Malaysia

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- á

: 6:45 am
⨃: 8:00 am
ھ: 12:00
: 3:45 pm
⨃: 5:00 pm
측: 7:00 pm

12 측
¡ ¢ Ҹ ¢ڧ
7 Ģ 8:30 Ũ .


1. ɢ (3 )
Ģ š
þ š. 츢
š. ȡ
þ š.

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 ո측 о 
 (Ȣ: . ź , . .) with mp3 audio

Town - Taiping (Waterfall)
State - Perak Darul Ridzuan

Morning opening: 6:45 am
Morning pUjai: 8:00 am
Closing (morning): 12:00 noon
Evening opening: 3:45 pm
Evening pUjai: 5:00 pm
Closing: 7:00 pm

YOgA classes for males (above 12 years)
are held on Sunday mornings between 7 to 8:30.

Special events.

1. Panguni uththiram (3 days festivities).
On first day the Utchava moorthy will arrive
(in the chariot procession) at the foothill,
from Sri Mariamman Temple in Taiping city.
Then He will be carried on a 'palanquin' to the
temple. On the third day He will be taken in
the chariot procession around the city.

2. ThaipUsam - (1 day festivities). PAlkudams (milk
pot offerings) are made on this day to the MUlavar.

Temple Address:

Thanneermalai Sri Thandayuthapani Alayam,
382 Waterfall Road,
34000 Taiping,
Perak Darul Ridzuan, Malaysia

Telephone: 05-8079972


 A song in praise of 
 Taiping ThaNNeermalai Murugan 
 (composed by: L. Vasantha Kumar, M.A.) with mp3 audio

ġ: (  ł . Ž Ȣ).

1800 . š š¡ ɢ¡ á . ɢ ţո . 측 á ʄ, 𼾡 ɢ Ȣ즸. 1907Ģ š š θ.

Temple History (as narrated by Sivasri Sa. Saravanan, priest of the temple).

The temple has existed since 1800. SanyAsis and SwAmiyArs took care of it at that time. In 1907 the British rulers wanted the use of the waterfall area as a swimming pool. The sannithi was re-located to its present place and was gazetted. Since then this temple is under the management of Sri Mariamman temple (in Taiping).


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