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Sri Siva SubramaNiya SwAmi Temple,
Nadi, Fiji

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Nadi, Fiji

Murugan -

District - Nadi
Postcode -

Sri Siva SubramaNiya SwAmi Temple

Nadi, Fiji

Temple History & Information

The present Siva Subramaniya Swami Temple, located at the Northern end of Nadi Town, is perhaps one of the oldest and well-known temples in Fiji. After years of unremitting devotion by the votaries of this temple and its sacred shrines who came from every part of this Country particularly during its annual weeklong TIRUNALS, the temple grounds still remain hollowed by sacred memories extending over a long avenue of years into the distant past.

When Indians came from India during Indenture, they brought along with them their own tradition and culture including their various modes of religious worship. Of all their cultural and traditional activities, religious worship proved to be the engaging of their attention.

It was the wish of the Hindus of Fiji and T.I.S.I. Sangam in particular to build a temple which should be one of its kind. This wish originated some 15 years ago. And so, many attempts were made since by the various committees especially appointed for this purpose by the Council of Management of the T.I.S.I. Sangam but the times somehow proved unfavourable until year 1991. On September 1991, the ground breaking ceremondy in the presence of Rev. Swami Adhibhavanandaji and Thiru Chainnaiya Gounder (sirdar) Thiru Rama Swamai Naickar and Thiru Krishna Moopnar. Thiru Paramasivan - quantity surveyor, Thiru Venkataiya and Thiru Gyan Waradaraju - building supervisors and Thiru Navin Morarji - engineer agreed to provide their services for free.

During that year, Chairman, Thiru Narayan R.Reddy. left for overseas, such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United States and India to raise funds and to meet various officials and people regarding the development of the temple.

In August 1992, the structural work on the main temple was completed. Silpis and painter arrived from India and the outcome of their work was very impressive.

In July 1994, all the idos and poojai requirement arrived from India. Also, the Sivacharya and Gurukkals arrived from India for the Maha Kumbahishegam. The new temple was embarked with a Mahakumbhabishegam held from 11th to 15th July 1994. This most special event took place in the gracious presence of Sri-la-Sri Gurudeva Sivaya Subramaniyaswamigal of Kawai Aadhenam, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Temple Timings

Temple Opening hours: 5.30am to 8.00pm

Pooja Times:

5.30am Suprabadha Dharshanam Sri Maha Ganapathy
5.45am Abhishekam & Alankaram
6.00am Shri Maha Lakshmi Abhishekam and Alankaram
6.15am Shri Meenakshi Devi Abhishekam & Alankaram
6.30am Shri Sundareswaran Abhishekam & Alankaram
6.45am Sri Subramanya Swamy Abhishekam & Alankaram
7.15am For All Pariwara Devatha offering Prasdam & Kapoor Arthi
7.30am Sri Subramanaya Swamy offering & Prasadam Special Deeparadhana
with Dhasopachara (10 items)
8.00am to 11.30am - Special Pooja Archanas for Devotees
11.30am Uchikala Pooja
11.45am to 7.00pm - Archanas for Devotees
7.00pm to 7.15pm - Sri Subramanya Swamy Evening offering Prasad &
Deeparadhana with Dhasoparas
8.00pm Temples Closes

Every Month Karthik Pooja is also celebrated here.
Pooja times during this time:

10.00am Shri Vigneswara Pooja
10.15am Maha Sankalpam
10.30am Shri Subramanya Swami Panchavarana pooja, for Kalasam & Hawan
11.30am Special Abhishekam for Kartik Swamy
12.30pm Special Prasadam & Aarthi
5.30pm Pariwara Devatha Archana
6.30pm Sri Subramanaya Swami Sahashranama Pooja
7.00pm Bhajans
7.30pm Utsav Moorthy Procession (only in Temple)
7.45pm Special Aarthi
8.00pm Maha Prasadam

Temple Address:

Sri Siva Subramaniya Swami Temple
P O Box 1230 Nadi,

Phone: 679 6700 977   Fax: 679 6703 777



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